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Pancreatic cancer detection. Pancreatic cancer detection, Pancreatic cancer detection

Meghea, A. Murariu, E. Codorean, C. Tănase, C. Parvan, O.

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Codorean, A. Raducan, L. Albulescu, C. Tanase, A. Menghea, R.

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Pancreatic Cancer: Diagnosis

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Codorean, Heavy metals contamination of commercial fish foodstuff — potential health risks on human consumers, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 8, Cristiana Pistol Tănase, M. Neagu, R. Codorean, S. Dima, Biomarkers in the diagnosis and early detection of pancreatic cancer, Expert Opinion on Medical Diagnostics, 3,Informahealthcare, Vasilescu, M.

Ceauşu, Cristiana Tănase, R. Stănculescu, T.

Kramer, John K. Gohagan, Philip C. Prorok CRC Press, 6 mai - pagini This useful reference provides solid knowledge of the risks and benefits associated with the cancer screening process, assesses abnormal results and therapeutic outcomes, and facilitates the communication of these issues to patients. Describes screening tests from individual, health care, ethical, legal, and regulatory perpectives! Gathering insights from over 35 international experts in the field, Cancer Screening details the screening procedures available for a wide variety of cancers offers a practical approach to screening implementation for a number of cancer sites discusses the explicit methodology of judging screening tests reports screening recommendations from various organizations analyzes the strengths and hazards of current screening procedures as well as the quality of supporting evidence appraises the utility of screening tests versus other health care strategies presents a basis for judging future screening technologies such as genetic testing and more!

Vlădescu, Z. Neagu M. Albulescu R. Vlădescu, F.

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Vasilescu, Z. Ceauşu, A. Juganaru, M. Pistol, C. Abstracts C. TanaseL. Albulescu, M.

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Cruceru, A. Enciu, E.

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Codrici, I. Mihai, D.

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Petrescu, M. Codrici, D. Popescu, V. Mihai, E. Popescu, L. Popa,  A.

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Pancreatic cancer detection, Pancreatic cancer detection

Neagu, A. Bulman, Proteomics technologies in pancreatic cancer early diagnosis, Pancreatic cancer detection Arch,Suppl 1, pg. S, C. Albulescu, S. Dima, T. Dumitrascu, S.

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Raducan, M. Poroschianu, A. Ionita, R. Nicolescu, M. Albulescu, G. Caraene, C. Nichita, V.