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Cum să obții tapeworms

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Despre acest joc Arcade Moonlander is a challenge of precision and timing. Cum să obții tapeworms the craft to the landing pad before the fuel runs out. Be sure to land gently and vertically.

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And look out for satellites and space-worms! They cum să obții tapeworms get you. Arcade Mode has no time limit or lives, and the game saves progress automatically upon level completion.

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  • little tape worm - Traducere în română - exemple în engleză | Reverso Context

There are best times saved out for each level, as well as an overall best time for completing the 20 levels. Follow the radar toward your goal and access the tutorial at any time during play.

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Adventure Mode encompasses a MUCH larger map and utilizes teleport pads to provide the player with a means of progression, as well as a checkpoint. You will encounter many more dynamic obstacles such as gravity wells, space worms, falling stalactites and more! There are also several paths through the level allowing players of all skill levels a rewarding experience.

By discovering Fuel Tanks, it is also possible to complete all paths in one run for the die-hard fans.

Dacă mănâncă omleta, șunca și pâinea, nu mai e viermișore ditamai șarpele!

Use the mini-map to explore, locate and obtain your goals. Arcade Moonlander was designed for speed runs from the start and features a robust timing and score system.

While secrets and hidden fuel tanks provide casual replay-ability.

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Features: 20 exciting, fast-paced 'Arcade' levels. Expansive 'Adventure' level that focus on exploration and more dynamic fun.

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Robust collision and timing to ensure reliable speed runs. Retro Sci-Fi art style and soundtrack. Highly refined controller support recommended for best experience.

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Keyboard and mouse support.